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May 24, 2009

Hi all!

I’ve been putting the first post off because I somehow wanted to break into it with some meaningful, attention-capture-ful, enrapturing post.

Sadly, that just means this brand spanking new thang has been sitting here for a week, without a single post.

Anyhow, I know there’s an about me section but here’s a more lengthy intro.

I’m a college student, currently studying abroad in Vienna, Austria. I don’t speak much of the language, but despite that, random strangers come up to me for directions. A lot of things await me when I get back to the States, namely, the more serious things in life. My family’s going through a tough bankruptcy, so I gotta face the music when I go home. And this is partly why I’m starting up a blog on WordPress: as a way to Cheerio from the rest of life.

What’s going to be in the blog, you ask?

Well, photos, writings, musings, drama, and last, but not least, hopefully some cooking will be in here! I’m Korean but I also love all sorts of other world foods so I try to eat my way through culture.

Exhibit 1: Preview of future posts to come

Exhibit 1: 'Pasta ai frutti di mare' preview of future posts to come

Exhibit 2: Udon preview of future posts

Exhibit 2: 'Udon' preview of future posts

Keep checking back for posts, a new one will be up soon!
Yupgi Girl.