June 21, 2009

… chicken, that is. And what were YOU thinking, my fellow perverts?

Once again, we must wonder why I, Yupgi Girl, pick time-consuming food past-times. This time, it’s not potatoes, but chicken.

I have a favorite chicken shop here in Vienna, and I go there so often that the owners know me and greet me with my favorite chicken. They sell great grilled and fried chicken, which, to me, is an amazing fact in itself. Normally, a place will do delicious fried chicken but mediocre grilled, and vice versa. But this shop’s got the whole nine yards. When one of my favorite foodies came to visit from the States last week, I had to take him to the shop.

As you may or may not know, Vienna is famous for its food called the “Wiener Schnitzel.” Read: Veener, not weener. It’s basically a breaded and fried veal cutlet, similar in looks to the Japanese Donkatsu, but without the panko bread crumbs. This shop turns Wiener Schnitzel into Wonder Schnitzel, stuffing the inside of the breading with chicken instead of veal. I wish I had a picture of said Wonder Schnitzel but I always seem to devour it before I am able to take a picture.

We departed the shop with two Wonder Schnitzels and half a rotisserie chicken for me. After my foodie friend left Vienna, I happily ate the skin bits of the rotisserie chicken but was then left with breast. Lots and lots of breast. Where did the drumsticks go?

I know you’re supposed to put mayonnaise as the creamy condiment that puts the whole shebang together, but I’m not a big fan of mayonnaise. Instead, I had fresh yogurt in the fridge and leftover apricot jam. Pardon my unholy matchmaking but it tasted amazing, not to mention the tiny crunchy fresh apple cubes I put in. Oh, did I mention the spring onions bought for 70 cents at the farmer’s market? *sigh* I will miss Vienna.

Exhibit one: Part of your complete breakfast

Exhibit one: Part of your complete breakfast

Exhibit Two: Close up

Exhibit Two: Close up

Anyhow, shorter post for today, let me know if you need the recipe!

Yupgi Girl.


4 Responses to “Stripping…”

  1. Selby Says:

    I love Wiener Schnitzel! 🙂

    Btw, do you speak German?

    • Yupgi Girl Says:

      Ein bisschen (a little)! I’ve only had two semesters of it, but I got by pretty well in Vienna. Do you speak it?

  2. Selby Says:

    Ja, ich spreche Deutsch zu Hause 😉

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